University Police Reports 2/2/06

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Date: 02/02/06
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1720 06-01020.....Lost/Larceny Reid/UC Report

     A student reports a cat card missing. It is possible it was
accidentally dropped between Reid and the UC. The card was deactivated.



1725 06-01021 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire trouble at Central Hall. Facilities
Management was notified.



2140 06-01028 DWI Upper Harrill Lot Arrest

     A student was arrested for DWI and driving after consuming while
less than 21.






0520 06-01032 Assist EMS Benton Report

     Officers assisted EMS at Benton Hall when there was two student
alcohol overdoses reported at the same time on two different floors.
One student was transported to Harris Regional and the other refused
transport. Both students are receiving UJC Referrals for Underage
consumption of alcohol.



1454 06-01014 Larceny/Lost Reid Report

     On 1/30 a student initially reported to the PD that their keys were
possibly accidentally taken from the Fitness Center at Reid by someone,
but now believes they believe the keys may have been stolen. The report
was updated to a larceny report.




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