Police Reports 2/1/06

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Date: 02/01/06
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1237 06-00806 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A non-student received citation for Careless Driving.





2200 06-00983 Larceny Reid Report

     A student reported his cell phone and charger stolen after leaving
it lying on top of his vehicle. The phone was not stolen but found and
turned in at the PD by someone.





1142 06-00980 Disturbance Scott Hall Referral

     Two students received UJC referrals for Disorderly Conduct after
officers responded to a report of a fight in Scott.



1250 09-00981 Traffic Violation University Way Citation

     A student received a citation for fail to yield to pedestrian in a



2335 06-00998 Weapon Violation Benton Hall Referral

     One student received a UJC referral for having an "air-soft gun" in
his room at Benton.



2345 06-00999 Vandalism Track Lot Report

     A student reported vandalism to a vehicle after finding their
vehicle's back window had been broken out while it was parked at the
Track Lot.




Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

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