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Date: 01/31/06
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1411 06-00948 Harassing Phone Calls Killian Report

     Officers investigated a harassing phone call report where the
message was recorded on the voice mail in a WCU office.


1523 06-00957 Traffic Accident WCU Bird Parking Report

     Officers investigated a one car accident involving a State Vehicle.


1652 06-00958 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A student received a citation for speeding greater than safe for


1410 06-00949 Harassing Sexual IM's Harrill Report

     Officers are investigating harassing sexual instant messages
received by a student.


1854 06-00961 Fire Alarm Reynolds Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm trouble at Reynolds.


2000 06-00962 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referral

     One student received a UJC referral for underage alcohol
consumption involving Beer Pong.



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

WCUPD 828-227-7301


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