University Police Reports 1/26 - 1/30

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Date: 01/30/06
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1630 06-00862 Traffic Accident Baptist Lot
        Officers investigated a hit and run that happened in the Baptist
Church Lot between 1230 and 1630 on the 26th.

0815 06-00864 Lost Permit Campus Report
        A WCU employee has lost a parking permit # 0611858 somewhere on

1055 06-00866 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report
        Officers responded to a fire alarm call at Norton Hall. No
problem found.

1215 06-00869 Traffic Accident Memorial
Drive/Killian Report
        Officers investigated a hit and run that happened between 815
and 1215 on the 27th.

2155 06-00876 Traffic Accident Reid/Centennial
        Officers investigated a hit & run accident with the suspect
vehicle is possibly an older model Volvo..

2250 06-00877 Weapons/Alcohol/Drugs Violations
Leatherwood Referral/Arrest
        A student was arrested for weapons violations (knife/fireworks),
underage possession of alcohol, and possession of marijuana and drug

0055 06-00883 Assist LEA Laurel Oaks Report
        Officers assisted Jackson County Sheriffs Dept with a fight at
Laurel Oaks.

0210 06-00886 Disorderly & Alcohol Violation Leatherwood
        A male non-student was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and
underage possession of Alcohol. He was also banned from campus.

0320 06-00887 Traffic Violation Wachovia
        A student received a citation for running the red light at

0430 06-00889 Welfare Check Helder Report
        Officers assisted a concerned parent by attempting to locate a
student. The student was not located.

0715 06-00893 Unsecured door Killian Report
        Officers assisted with an unsecured door.

0740 06-00894 Vandalism Reynolds Report
        Officers are investigating vandalism to vehicle where a
vehicle's paint was keyed.

1752 06-00900 Vandalism Baptist Ch. Lot Report
        Officers are investigating vandalism to truck a truck that
possibly happened Friday night or Saturday morning while it was parked
in the Baptist Church Lot.

2320 06-00906 Traffic Violation Walker
        A student received a citation for driving the wrong way down the
street at Walker.

0008 06-00902 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referral
        Two students from Leatherwood received UJC referrals for
underage possession and consumption of alcohol.

0120 06-00916 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referral
        One student from Leatherwood received UJC referral for underage
possession and consumption of alcohol.

0320 06-00920 Drug Violation Scott Hall Arrest
        A student received a citation for possession of marijuana and

0702 06-00925 Fire Trouble Central Hall Report
        Officers responded to a Fire Trouble alarm at Central Hall. No
problem found, trouble wouldn't reset so Facilities Management was

1206 06-00982 Vandalism Harrill Hall Report
        Officers investigated an incident where personal and state
property was damaged by someone placing decomposing matter in a students
belongings and room.

1614 06-00931 Drug Violation Scott Hall Referral
        A student received a UJC referral for possession of marijuana.

1908 06-00933 Parking Violations Village
        After repeated violations representatives from 5 Greek
Organizations were issued UJC Referrals for failing to enforce parking
compliance in the Village by their members.

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