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Date: 12/06/05
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0023 05-2623 Key Problem
Albright-Benton Report

            Officers investigated an incident where a key drop box was
found open.


1712 05-2611 Drug Violations
Helder Hall Referred

            Three female students were referred to Judicial Affairs for
drug (marijuana) violations.


2351 05-2612 Drug Violation
Harrill Hall Referred

            A male student was referred to Judicial Affairs for drug
(marijuana) violations.





0020 05-2622 Unlawful Burning
Harrill Hall Further Investigation

            Officers investigated the burning of a poster in a restroom.


0136 05-2613 Attempted Fight
Walker Hall Report

            Officers learned of a possible fight to take place in Walker
Hall. Officers

            arrived and broke up the group before the fight started.


0210 05-2615 Blackmail
Harrill Hall Further Investigation

            A student reported being blackmailed for having cheated on
his girlfriend.


0225 05-2614 Alcohol Violation
Scott Hall Referred

            A female student was issued a Judicial Affairs referral for
alcohol violations. She

            was transported by EMS to Harris Regional Hospital for an
alcohol overdose.


0245 05-2616 Alcohol Violation
Albright Hall Referred/Citation

            One student was issued a citation and a referral to Judicial
Affairs for

            giving alcohol to an underage student and the underage
student was

            referred to Judicial Affairs for consuming the alcohol.


0350 05-2617 Wreck
Buzzard Roost Arrest

            A male non-student was charged with driving while impaired,
driving after consuming under

            21 years of age and hit and run. He wrecked his truck on
Buzzard Roost after hitting

            another vehicle in the Central Dr. Hall lot. A female
student, who was in the passenger seat,

            was slightly injured but refused medical treatment.


0409 05-2617 Accident
Buchanan Lot Report

            A driver was charged with driving while impaired after
hitting a vehicle in the Buchanan



1316 05-2618 Burglary
Harrill Hall Further Investigation

            Two male roommates reported their wallets were stolen from
their room.


1350 05-2620 Larceny from Mtr. Veh.
Central Dr. Lot Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of electronic equipment from
his vehicle.


1420 05-2619 Alcohol Violations
Albright Hall Arrest

            A males student was issued a citation and a Judicial Affairs
referral for having a keg

            of beer and alcohol in his residence hall.


1452 05-2621 Assist LEA
Scott Hall Report

            Officers assisted a state trooper in attempting to locate a
female student on an

            arrest warrant.


1818 05-2625 Accident
Central Drive Citation

            A female student involved in an accident on Central Drive
was issued a citation

            for an expired tag and driver's license.


2300 05-2627 Communicating Threats/B&E Reynolds
Hall Arrest

            A male student was arrested for breaking and entering,
communicating threats,

            and injury to real property.




0850 05-2628 Accident
Village Lot Report

            Officers investigated an accident in the Village Parking


1340 05-2631 Larceny
Central Dr. Lot Further Investigation

            Officers investigated the theft of several items from a car
parked in the Central Dr. Lot.


1345 05-2629 Alcohol/Drug Overdose Norton
Hall Report

            A female student was transported to Harris Regional Hospital
due to a drug and

alcohol overdose.


1500 05-2630 Alarm
Helder Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1900 05-2634 Expired Tag
Campus Citation

            A female student was issued a citation for an expired tag.


1940 05-2633 Weapon Violation
Campus Further Investigation

            Three students reported someone in a pickup truck pointed a
rifle at them.


2108 05-2635 Larceny
Reid Gym Further Investigation

            A student reported someone took his wallet from his pant
pockets while he was playing



2143 05-2632 Alcohol Violation
Albright hall Referred

            A male student was referred to Judicial Affairs for underage
possession of alcohol.


2155 05-2636 Vandalism
Leatherwood Hall Further Investigation

            Officers investigated vandalism to a bathroom in Leatherwood
Hall. The damage was extensive.




0055 05-2639 Weapons Violations Walker
Hall Report

            Officers confiscated some knives off a student and kept them
for safekeeping. The student

            can pick them up and take them off campus.


0125 05-2637 Harassing Phone Calls Helder
Hall Further Investigation

            Officers investigated a report of harassing phone calls to a
female student.


0151 05-2640 Welfare Check
Centennial Dr. Report

            Officers checked on the welfare of a student after the
student's friend reported he

            was having a problem. The student reported his friend
misunderstood something he said.


0302 05-2638 Assist SHP
Off Campus Report

            Officers assisted the Highway Patrol with an accident just
off campus. No injuries were reported.


1220 05-2641 Vandalism
Fieldhouse Lot Further Investigation

            A student reported his vehicle was severely vandalized while
parked in the Fieldhouse Lot.


1540 05-2645 Larceny
Central Hall Report

            A student reported the theft of his wallet from his
residence hall room.


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