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Date: 12/02/05
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1425 05-2592 Domestic Dispute Scott Hall

            Officers intervened in a dispute between a male student and
a female student.

            The male was advised not to contact the female. The
incident involved a breakup

            of their relationship.


2239 05-2595 Unsecured Vehicle Walker Lot

            Officers found a door open on a vehicle. They secured it.




0004 05-2596 Vandalism Albright Hall

            Officers investigated an incident of vandalism to a
residence hall door.


0114 05-2593 Possible Fight Walker Hall

            Officers were dispatched to what was reported to be a fight.
When officers

            arrived they were told it was a situation that was not a
fight-- but more an

argument/scuffle among acquaintances. No disciplinary action was taken.


0143 05-2594 Injured Student Off Campus

            Officers were called to an off campus apartment to see if an
injured person

            is a student. The person is a student. He had fallen from
a third floor

            balcony and was injured. A medical helicopter was

            and landed on campus. The student was transferred from an

to the helicopter for a flight to Mission Hospital in Asheville. The
incident is

being investigated by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.



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