University Police Reports 11/29/2005

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Date: 11/29/05
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1635 05-2579 Attempted Fraud Norton Hall

            A student reported what may have been an attempt at identity
theft. The

            student received a telephone call from someone wanting to
verify personal

            information such as social security number, address, etc.


1800 05-2582 Larceny Walker Hall
Case Closed

            A boyfriend/girlfriend dispute was resolved when the
boyfriend agreed to return

            some gifts he had previously given to the girlfriend.


1815 05-2580 Alarm Hunter
Library Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at Hunter Library. No
trouble located.


2315 05-2581 Stolen Property Field House
Lot Report

            Officers found a sign belonging to an off campus business in
the Field

            House lot. The owner of the business was notified to pick
up the sign.


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