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Date: 11/21/05
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0850 05-2529 Vandalism
Leatherwood Further Investigation

            Officers investigated an incident involving vandalism to
Leatherwood Hall.


0954 05-2528 Alarm
Outreach Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1110 05-2530 Larceny
UC Mail Room Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating the theft of mail from a
student's mailbox.


2133 05-2535 Fight
Walker Hall Lot Arrest

            Three male students were arrested and charged with simple
affray, intoxicated

            and disruptive. One student required medical care.


0000 05-2533 Accident
Harrill Lot Report

            Officers investigated an accident where a vehicle struck a
concrete trash can.




0324 05-2536 DWI/Reckless Driving
Harrill Lot Arrest

            A male student was arrested for driving while impaired and
reckless driving.


0419 05-2534 Alcohol Violations
Walker hall Arrest

            A female student was charged with possession of malt
beverages by a person

            under 21 years of age. A male student was transported to
Harris Regional Hospital

            for an alcohol overdose from the same incident. Two others
involved were banned

            from Walker Hall.


0615 05-2538 Sexual Assault
Scott Hall Arrest

            A male student from another state university was arrested
for assault on a female, kidnapping

            and attempt second degree sex offense. The incident
occurred in Scott Hall. Officers

            arrested the man at the scene. He is being held under a
$32,000 secured bond.


1126 05-2539 Accident
Hoey Lot Report

            Officers investigated a minor hit and run accident in the
Hoey Parking Lot.


1300 05-2540 Harassing Phone Calls Harrill
Hall Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating an incident of a male making
harassing phone calls to

            a female student.


2139 05-2546 Violent Domestic Off
Campus Report

            University Officers were requested by Jackson County to
assist their officers with

             a violent domestic situation involving a weapon. Jackson
County Officers arrested

            the male subject.


2141 05-2543 Alcohol Violation
Scott Hall Referred

            Two female students were referred to Judicial Affairs for
underage possession of

            alcohol. A 16 year old female non-student was with the
students. Her parents

            were notified and picked her up.




0235 05-2547 Disruptive Student
Albright Hall Referred

            An intoxicated student was told by officers to quieten down
and go to his room.

            The student complied with the request. Referred to Judicial


0316 05-2544 Alcohol Violation
Benton Hall Lot Referred

            A male student was referred to Judicial Affairs for underage
drinking and driving.


0728 05-2549 Assistance
Baptist Church Report

            Members of the Baptist Church found on Sunday Morning that
the Church had been broken into.

Members requested officers to check the building for them. Officers

            a sweep of the building but found no one inside. Jackson
County officers will conduct

            an investigation.


0732 05-2548 Vandalism
Campus-wide Further Investigation

            Numerous campus signs were stolen and/or destroyed. Several
vehicles were also



0824 05-2550 Vandalism
Albright/Benton Report

            Officers investigated a vandalism incident. Someone had
stopped up the shower drains and

            sinks and left the water running-- flooding the immediate


2200 05-2552 Bear
Campus Report

            Officers were notified that there was a bear and three cubs
roaming the campus.

            Officers had to keep students from the bears and at one
point, found some students

            trying to catch one of the cubs. The mother bear was
estimated to weigh around

            300 pounds. Wildlife officials believe the bears are
raiding dumpsters.




0205 05-2545 Alcohol Violation
Helder Lot Report

            Officers found a male student standing beside his vehicle.
The student told officers he

            was a designated driver. Officers smelled alcohol. The
student said he had not

            been drinking. He volunteered to take an alco-sensor test.
The reading was over

            the legal limit for driving. Because officers did not see
him driving, they did

            not issue a citation.


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