University Police Reports 11/18/05

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Date: 11/18/05
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1100 05-2519 Larceny Hunter
Library Further Investigation

            Officers received a report from a male student that someone
took his cell phone

            that he left on a table in Hunter Library.



1100 05-2521 Larceny AB Tech
Further Investigation

            AB Tech Security reported the theft of a computer belonging
to Western Carolina University,

            that was being used on the AB Tech Enka Campus.


1115 05-2520 Hit & Run Centennial
Blvd. Further Investigation

            A male student reported to police that he was nearly run
down by a car

            at the intersection of Centennial and University Way. The
student gave a

            description of the car.


2136 05-2526 Speeding Forest Hills
Rd. Citation

            A female student was issued a citation for speeding 55 in a
20 MPH zone.


2353 05-2523 Drunk and Disruptive Leatherwood Hall

            A male student was referred to Judicial Affairs for being
drunk and disruptive

            and underage possession of alcohol.


2332 05-2524 Speeding Catamount
Rd. Citation

            A female student was issued a citation for speeding 43 in a
20 MPH zone.




0300 05-2525 Alarm Village

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by dust in a heater


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