University Police Reports 10/20/05

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Date: 10/20/05
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1300 05-2247 Accident Central Dr.
Lot Report

            Officers investigated a hit and run accident in the Central
Dr. Hall Lot.


1600 05-2248 No Registration Central Dr.

            A non-student was issued a citation for no registration and
no inspection



1715 05-2254 Alarm Book Store

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1940 05-2250 Handicap Violation Albright Lot

            Officers issued a citation to a male student for displaying
an unauthorized

            handicap placard and for parking in a handicapped space
while displaying the

            unauthorized placard.


2232 05-2249 Underage Possession Albright Hall

            A underage male student was issued a citation and a referral
to Judicial

            Affairs for underage possession of alcohol.




0030 05-2251 Larceny
Albright/Benton Lot Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of a parking decal from his


0100 05-2252 Larceny
Albright/Benton Lot Further Investigation

            Officers attempted to notify the owner of a vehicle which
appeared to have had the

            parking decal scraped off the window. It is not known
whether the owner took the

            decal off or if it was stolen.


0146 05-2253 Vandalism Scott Hall
Further Investigation

            A group of students sitting at a table in front of Scott
Hall reported someone threw

            what is believed to be a paint ball grenade at them. The
grenade landed on the table

            spraying the students with light blue paint and getting
paint on a nearby car. The grenade

            does not use any type of explosives. Paint ball paint is


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