University Police Reports 9/30/05

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Date: 09/30/05
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0740 05-2098 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


0814 05-2093 Missing Property Hunter Library

            While on foot patrol an officer noticed some bricks missing
from the

            library's walkway. Referred to Facilities Management.


0815 05-2092 Vandalism Hunter
Library Report

            Officers investigated vandalism to a vending machine in the
Hunter Library

            snack area. The machine's owner was notified.


1250 05-2094 Larceny Scott Hall
Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of a lap top computer from his
residence hall room.


2122 05-2102 Suspicious Odor Leatherwood Hall

            Officers investigated a suspicious (marijuana) odor in


2225 05-2101 B & E of Vehicle S. Harrill Lot

            Officers investigated an attempted breaking and entering of
a vehicle.




0010 05-2100 Alcohol Overdose Scott hall

            Four students were referred to Judicial Affairs for underage
drinking. A

            Female student was taken to Harris Regional Hospital due to
an alcohol

            overdose. She was treated and released.


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