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Date: 09/20/05
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For some time now, the University Police Department has issued a daily
University Police Reports e-mail to certain individuals on campus that
contains a report regarding departmental activities. The purpose of this
list is to keep key university officials abreast of activities that may
affect their functional areas. However, over time, it seems that a
number of individuals have asked to be added to the list simply because
they want to read the report rather than because it affects their
functional area. The result is that we now have an extremely large list
of names to which the report is sent.


In an effort to better manage this list, we will begin sending this
report to those key officials whose functional areas are affected by the
majority of incidents that occur on campus. I ask those individuals on
the distribution list to determine who, within their functional area,
needs to receive a copy of this report and forward it to them.


While we appreciate the interest from others who enjoy reading this
report, I direct their attention to our website
( where the same information
is available for viewing.


If you are part of a unit that is not included in the below described
list and feel that your unit should be receiving this report, please
contact me at or call at 3201.




Chancellor's Office

Dr. John Bardo

Ms. Leila Tvedt


Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Mr. Chuck Wooten

Mr. Joe Walker

Mr. Bill Manware

Ms. Kathy Wong


Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Dr. Robert Caruso

Dr. Bill Haggard

Mr. Keith Corzine

Mr. Walter Turner

Ms. Deborah Beck


Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Ron Hunter



Tom Johnson


Chief Thomas C. Johnson

Western Carolina University Police Department

1 Outreach Annex

Cullowhee, NC 28723


828.227.7331 - Fax

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