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Date: 09/15/05
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9/12 District Court Dispositions

            A student pled guilty to alcohol and drug charges. Ordered
to pay costs and fines.

            A non-student pled guilty to no operator's license, no
insurance and no registration.

            A student plead guilty to driving after consuming under age
of 21. Received 12

            months supervised probation, fined $130 and court costs.

            A non-student pled guilty to alcohol/drug charges and
speeding. Received 12

            months unsupervised probation, $120 fine and court costs.





0820 05-1908 Vandalism Track
Further Investigation

            Officers investigated damage to the sprinkler control at the


0830 05-1911 Harassing Phone Calls Campus

            A female employee reported receiving harassing phone calls.


1143 05-1910 Missing Laptop Forsyth

            A missing laptop was returned to the owner.


1236 05-1909 Accident Nat. Science
Lot Report

            Officers investigated a minor accident involving parking at
the Natural

            Science Building Lot.


1403 05-1912 Accident Harrill Lot

            Officers investigated an accident where a mower apparently
threw a rock

            into a vehicle, breaking the window.


1848 05-1914 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.




0100 05-1917 Assist LEA Ed Norton Rd.

            Officers received a report of an overturned car. No one was
at the scene.

            The Highway Patrol had the car towed.


0158 05-1916 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1102 05-1918 Alarm
Leatherwood Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1200 05-1921 Accident Old Motor
Pool Lot Report

            Officers investigated a hit and run accident involving a
parked car.


1402 05-1919 Alarm Reynolds
hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1505 05-1920 Alarm Hunter
Library Report

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by nearby drilling.


1911 05-1924 Accident Ramsey
Center Report

            A student was struck by a hockey puck and transported to
Harris Regional

            Hospital by EMS.


2030 05-1922 Speeding SR 1002

            A motorist was cited for 62 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.


2045 05-1923 Drug Violation Near
Bookstore Citation

            Officers issued a citation to a non-student for simple
possession of Marijuana

            and paraphernalia.


2230 05-1915 Larceny Benton Hall

            During a fire alarm drill, residential living staff found
road signs belonging

            to the State of North Carolina. The student in possession
of the signs was

            referred to Judicial Affairs.




05-1927 Runaway Juvenile Campus

            Officers received a report that a runaway juvenile could be
on campus.

            Another county law enforcement agency reported the female
could be with

            friends on campus. University officers located the friends
and determined

            one of the friends was transporting the juvenile back to her


0255 05-1926 Alcohol Violation Walker Lot

            An underage student was referred to Judicial Affairs for
being intoxicated

            and having false identification.


0317 05-1928 Simple Assault
Scott Hall Report

            A female and male student had been drinking and arguing .

 The female suffered an injury during the incident.


0145 05-1925 Drug Violations
Scott Hall Arrests

            Two female students were charged with felony possession of
cocaine and misdemeanor

            possession of paraphernalia. They are in the Jackson County
Detention Center under

            a $3,500 secured bond. The students are also referred to
Judicial Affairs.


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