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Date: 08/19/05
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            05-0524 Court Disposition
Jackson County Report

            A defendant on a simple possession charge was found not
guilty. This was a case

            from March.


            05-1412 Court Disposition
Jackson County Report

            A case involving damage to a door was resolved in District
Court because the

            defendant made restitution to the victim.





0716 05-1604 Attempted Larceny
Madison Hall Report

            Officers investigated a report that someone tried to break a
lock on some

            secured construction equipment. Further investigation.


            05-1400 Returned Item
Picnic Area Report

            A folding chair found in the picnic area has been returned
to the owner.


1448 05-1606 Alarm
Village Report

            Workers accidentally set off an alarm.


1550 05-1605 Found Item
Business District Report

            A set of keys were turned into the Police Department. They
were found in the parking

            lot in front of Bob's Mini Mart.


1655 05-1607 Damage to Flowers
Village Traffic Circle Report

            Officers responded to a report of damage to the flowers and
shrubs at the

            Village traffic circle. It appeared the double wheels of a
tractor trailer truck had

            run onto the circle.


1858 05-1608 Alarm
Leatherwood Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at Leatherwood Hall. No
trouble located.


1910 05-1609 Alarm
Buchanan Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm in Buchanan. No trouble




0020 05-1610 Vandalism
Helder Lot Report

            Officers investigated the "toilet papering" and covering of
three cars with something

            which appeared to be sugar and marshmallows.


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