University Police Reports 8/12/05

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Date: 08/12/05
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1405 05-1560 Assist Student
Reid Gym Report

            Officers were called to Reid Gym in reference to an ill
student. An ambulance

            was dispatched and the student transported to Harris
Regional Hospital.


1515 05-1561 Injured Person
Norton Rd. Report

            Officers responded to Norton Road where a female jogger had
fallen striking her

            head on the sidewalk. Her father was called and he
transported her to

            Harris Regional Hospital.



2100 05-1563 Injured Student
Paradise Falls Report

            An officer responded to Paradise Falls when it was learned a
female student

            had been injured there. When the officer arrived,
paramedics were preparing

            to transport her to Harris Regional Hospital. The victim
was with a group of

            other students. According to reports, she was later
transferred to a hospital

            in Asheville.


2315 05-1562 Student on Roof
Village Report

            An officer spotted a student sitting on the roof of one of
the Village houses. The student was told

            to come down. The student became argumentative but did come


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