University Police Reports 8/9/05

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Date: 08/09/05
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1106 05-1538 Alarm
Stillwell Report

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by construction dust,


1655 05-1545 Alarm
Reynolds Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at Reynolds Hall.
Construction set off the alarm.


1658 05-1537 Assist EMS
Leatherwood Hall Report

            Officers responded to a report of a male student with chest
pains. WestCare

            EMS transported him to Harris Regional Hospital where he was
treated and released.


2043 05-1541 Trespassing
Landfill Report

            While patrolling the WCU Landfill Area, officers noticed two
cars parked in front

            of the landfill gate. Upon investigation, officers found
students shooting paint balls

            against metal trash containers. Referred to Judicial


2345 05-1542 Assist CAP
Jackson Co. Airport Report

            At the request of Civil Air Patrol, an officer checked the
Jackson County Airport

            to see if a missing aircraft might have landed there. The
aircraft was on a flight

            from Lake Norman to somewhere in Tennessee. The aircraft
was not on the





0025 05-1539 Traffic Stop
Central Dr. Report

            Officers stopped a vehicle without its lights on. The
driver said he was trying to

            make a call on his cell phone and he forgot his lights and
dialing the number made

him swerve. The driver was given a verbal warning.


0138 05-1540 Traffic Stop
Centennial Dr. Report

            Officers stopped a vehicle with several people in it which
had no student decal

            and was traveling slowly around the stadium area. There was
the odor of alcohol

            from the vehicle but the driver was apparently not drinking.
Officers gave the

            driver a verbal warning. The driver was impolite and rude.
All occupants of the vehicle

are students.


0810 05-1546 Vandalism
Chancellor's Residence Report

            Officers are conducting an investigation into three vehicles
being "egged"

            at the Chancellor's Residence.


0856 05-1547 Alarm
Village Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at the Village. The alarm
was being tested,


0924 05-1548 Suspicious Vehicle Cash
Point Report

            Officers checked on a vehicle parked at the Cash Point. The
driver was playing

            games on a lap top computer.


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