University Police Reports 8/4/05

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Date: 08/04/05
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0843 05-1507 Alarm
Walker Lot Report

            Apparently large trucks set off a tamper alarm at the call
box in Walker A Lot.


0905 05-1509 Dog Problem
Intramural Field Report

            Officers responded to a report of a small dog growling and
trying to bite

            people on the Intramural Field. Officers and Animal Control
caught the dog. It

            was taken to the county pound.


0950 05-1510 Suspicious Bag McKee

            Offers received a report of a suspicious bag in a bush near
McKee. Officers were

            unable to locate the object.


0952 05-1508 Smoke Alarm Belk
Bld. Report

            Dust caused by construction apparently set off the alarm.


1929 05-1515 Alarm
Central Dr. Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


2036 05-1511 Vandalism
Reid Lot Report

            Officers asked a group of female students in the University
Food Court to be a

            little quieter. The students became more boisterous as they
left. When officers

            returned to their patrol car they found someone had poured
soft drinks on the

            windows and windshield. The incident is being investigated


2140 05-1512 Unruly People
Football Stadium Report

            Officers received a report of two people cursing some high
school football players.

            The two men had left when officers arrived and it is not
known at this time who they

            are. Officers attempted to locate the vehicle described as
a truck with no bed--headed

            toward NC 107.



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