University Police Reports 7/29-8/1/05

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Date: 08/01/05
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0900 05-1477 Accident
Forest Hills Rd. Report

            Officers investigated an accident in which a truck caught a
fiber optics cable

            pulling the cable loose from a building.


1045 05-1479 Alarm
Village Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1200 05-1478 Larceny
Village Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating an incident involving the forgery
of a check and the misuse of a bank card.


1756 05-1480 Dog Bite
Coulter Lot Report

            A continuing education student was bitten by a dog.
Officers responded and Jackson County

            Animal Control was contacted. The dog was located and the
owner advised of the situation.

            The incident remains in a pending status. The dog's owner
lives off campus.




0223 05-1482 DWI
Centennial Dr. Arrest

            Officers charged a male non-student with Driving While
Impaired and Driving While

            License Revoked.


0253 05-1481 Assist LEA
Alpine Apts. Report

            Officers assisted Jackson County Deputies at a call to an
Alpine Apartment.

            The caller said a male had broken into an apartment. When
the scene was secured

            the officer returned to campus.


0735 05-1483 Loud Noise
Robertson Hall Report

            Officers investigated a report of loud noises due to
construction. Referred to

            Facilities Management.


1430 05-1484 Smoke
Field House Report

            Officers observed a plume of smoke from the Field House. An
inspection by

officers and Facilities Management personnel found no trouble.


1620 05-1485 Security Problem TWSA
Sub Station Report

            Officers noticed an unlocked gate at the Tuckasegee Water
and Sewer Authority

            Sub-station. The gate was secured.


1914 05-1491 Call Box Activation Base
Ball Lot Report

            A child accidentally set off a call box activation at the
Base Ball Field Lot.


2222 05-1486 Accident
NC 107 Report

            Officers responded to an accident on NC 107 in front of the
Ramsey Center. The two car

            accident sent a female student and a non-student female to
Harris Regional Hospital.

            The student was transferred to Memorial Mission Hospital in


2340 05-1487 Drug Violation
Travel Center Report

            Officers stopped a vehicle carrying three individuals (one a
juvenile). Officers confiscated

a marijuana pipe and had the parents pick up the juvenile at the police




0110 05-1490 Suspicious Persons Book
Store Report

            Two males were banned from campus following suspicious
activity on campus. One

            Individual has been arrested in another county. One has

            been arrested on campus for drug activity. This incident is
related to the alarm

            at the Book Store (below).


0120 05-1490 Alarm
Book Store Report

            Officers responded to an alarm in the Book Store. No
trouble located.


0142 05-1488 Suspicious Activity
Campus Report

            Officers received a report of a car coming onto campus from
a local business. The

            reporting party described suspicious activity. Officers
stopped the car and questioned the

            driver. A Jackson County Deputy also arrived on the scene.
The incident is under

            further investigation.


0225 05-1489 Assist LEA
Sleepy Hollow Report

            Jackson County Deputies requested the assistance of officers
at a Sleepy Hollow

            Apartment address. A male had overdosed and was taken to
Harris Regional Hospital

            by WestCare EMS. Jackson County Deputies are continuing the


2000 05-1492 Assist LEA
Old Cullowhee Rd. Report

            Officers received a report of suspicious activity, possibly
involving drugs, near campus.

            Officers notified Jackson County Deputies who arrived and
assessed the situation.


2033 05-1494 Alarm
Reynolds Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm set off by work being
performed on the alarm system.


2109 05-1495 Alcohol Report
Central Dr. Hall Report

            Officers received a report of drinking and loud noise.
Officers were unable to find

            anyone drinking or making loud noises. Residential Living
was notified.


2132 05-1493 Speeding
Village Lot Citation

            Officers issued a student a citation for speeding through
the Village area and parking lots.




0021 05-1496 Alarm
Scott Hall Report

            An alarm was caused by an accidental bump against the pull


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