University Police Reports 5/13/05

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Date: 05/13/05
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0930 Damage to Personal Property Walker Hall

            A female student reported that her roommate's male friend
became intoxicated

            and broke the screen on her lap top computer. University
police made contact

            with the male and he has agreed to make arrangements to
settle the damages.


1802 Accident Natural
Science Report

            University Officers investigated a minor traffic accident in
the parking area

            of the Natural Science Building.


2314 Assist LEA Monteith
Gap Rd. Report

            A University Police officer responded to a call to assist a
Jackson County

            deputy regarding a possible accident and fight. Officers
did not locate

            a fight or accident.




0240 DWI (License Check Point) Forest Hills Rd.

            A male student was charged with driving while impaired and
consuming malt

            beverage while driving. The charges stemmed from a license

            conducted by University officers and Jackson County


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