University Police Reports 4/8/05

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Date: 04/08/05
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0917 Found Wallet Fine Arts
Bld. Report

            A lost wallet was returned to the owner.


1030 Found License Bookstore

            A lost driver's license was returned to the owner.


1120 Accident Hoey Lot

            Officers investigated a minor backing accident in the Hoey
parking lot.


1240 Stop Sign Violation Catamount Rd.

            Officers cited a driver for failure to stop for a stop sign.


1845 Speeding Norton Rd.

            A student was cited for exceeding a safe speed during a
moderate rain.


1900 Larceny Walker A
Lot Further Investigation

            During patrol officers found a car in Walker A Lot with the
window smashed.

            A CD player/stereo had been pulled from the dash.


1900 Larceny Walker A
Lot Further Investigation

            Officers found a second car with a smashed window. This car
also had the

            Tape/CD player stolen as well as some currency.


1938 Suspicious Person Central Dr.
Hall Report

            A suspicious person report turned out to be a father waiting
to meet his

            son, who is a resident of Central Dr. Hall.


2033 Returned Item Village

            Property of a sorority, which was taken several years ago,
was returned by

            members of a fraternity.


2255 Possess Weapons on Campus Benton Hall
Further Investigation

            Officers responded to a report of gas/air powered guns (BB)
on campus property. Two guns

            were found in Benton Hall. The owners stated they did not
know it was illegal to have them

            on campus.




0030 Underage/Littering Leatherwood
Hall Citation

            A male student was charged with underage possession of malt
beverage and

            littering. The student threw away a beer can in the
presence of officers.


0245 DWI/Left of Center Centennial Dr.

            A male student was charged with driving while impaired and
driving left of center.




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