Unversity Police Reports 4/7/05

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Date: 04/04/05
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            Found Items Univ. Center

            A book bag found on the University Center lawn was

            returned to the owner.


0745 Failure to Yield Forest Hills Rd.

            Officers cited a driver for failure to yield to a pedestrian

            a crosswalk.


1035 Hit and Run Helder Lot

            University officers investigated a hit and run accident

            damaged the mirror on the driver's side of a car.


1152 Failure to Yield Forest Hills Rd.

            Officers cited a driver for failure to yield to a pedestrian

            a crosswalk.


1334 NOL Central Dr.

            Officers cited a male non-student for no operator's license

            and failure to give a signal.


1343 Suspicious Odor Leatherwood Hall Report

            University officers were dispatched to a suspicious odor

            call. No illegal substances were located.


1615 Traffic Accident Centennial Dr. Report

            University officers investigated a two car accident in front

            of the Walker Hall parking lot. Damage to both vehicles

            was extensive but there were no injuries. One driver was

            charged with failing to yield the right of way when leaving




2250 Vandalism Scott Hall
Further Investigation

            Officers responded to a call to the fourth floor of Scott
Hall where

            a sprinkler system head was broken and a large amount of

            was being sprayed. While officers were investigating, a
male student

            admitted he had been jumping on the wall and hit the
sprinkler head

            with his head. The student has offered to make restitution.
A large amount

            of damage occurred to personal belongings of other students.

            are attempting to make an inventory of the damaged items.




0245 Disoriented Person Centennial Dr. Report

            Officers stopped a motorist for erratic driving. The driver

            an elderly female who was disoriented and lost. EMS was

            called and the driver was taken to Harris Regional Hospital

            and later released. After being released from the hospital

            officers transported her to her residence.


1000 Failure to Yield Traffic Circle

            A non-student was cited for failure to yield in the traffic


1810 Alarm Leatherwood Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm in Leatherwood Hall. No

            trouble located.


1926 Alarm Helder Hall

            Officers responded to an alarm at Helder Hall. No trouble



1952 Secure Room Robertson Hall Report

            Officers received a report that a room was left with an open

            door. Officers locked the door and notified the occupant.




0715 Vandalism Off Campus Report

            Officers received a report of a car with a broken window

            parked in the Helder Lot. Officers located the owner

            who said the window was broken at an off campus fraternity.

            Officers reported the incident to the Jackson County

            office since it occurred off campus.


0829 Joke Helder Lot

            While on patrol, University officers saw a car wrapped in

            clear plastic wrap. The owner was notified. The owner knew

            about the wrapping. No damage was noted and when officers

            left, the owner was removing the wrap.


1000 Missing Student Walker Hall Report

            A female student reported that her boyfriend was missing.

            She was concerned that he had walked away during the night

            due to sleep walking. She was concerned because all his

            belongings were still in her room. Officers located the

            student shortly after he was reported missing.


1046 Suspicious Person HFR Report

            A non-student became angry at University officers when

            the officers explained to him they could not tell him the

            location of some students. He later apologized to the


1351 Civil Disturbance Scott Hall Report

            University officers intervened in an argument between a

            delivery truck driver and a female student regarding a
handicap parking

            space. Officers resolved the situation.


1410 Stop Sign Violation Centennial Dr. Citation

            University officers cited a driver for failure to stop at a
stop sign.




0015 Lost Keys Unknown Location Report

            A student reported she lost her room and car keys.


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