University Police Reports 2/23/05

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Date: 02/23/05
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1245 Dispute Hunter Library

            Officers intervened in a dispute between a male and a female

            student in Hunter Library.


1500 Traffic Violation Centennial Dr. Citation

            Officers cited a non-student for passing a stopped school



1555 Larceny Campus
Further Investigation

            Officers investigated the theft of a license plate from a




1615 Accident Bookstore Lot Report

            Officers investigated an incident of a car going over an

            embankment at the Bookstore parking area. A wrecker

            pulled the car out.


1845 Hit & Run Reid Lot

            Officers investigated a hit and run accident in the Reid Gym

            parking lot.


2148 Vandalism Reid Lot

            A student reported someone wrote an obscenity on the

            windshield of her vehicle and also put a scratch on it.


2300 Found CAT Card Campus Report

            A CAT Card was turned into the Police Department and

            the owner was notified.




0020 Broken TV Scott Hall

            Officers investigated an incident in which a TV was found

            broken on a set of stairs.


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