University Police Reports 2/22/05

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Date: 02/22/05
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0740 Abandoned Vehicle Brown Cemetery

            Officers received a report of an abandoned vehicle.
Officers attempted

            to notify the owner. When officers checked on the vehicle
again it

            was gone.


0815 Vandalism Track Lot
Further Investigation

            During patrol University officers found a car with the rear
window broken.

            The owner was notified.


1200 Suspicious Persons Natural Science
Follow Up

            As a result of a follow up investigation of two people found
near the

            Natural Science Building at 4 a.m., a female student was
found to have

            three male non-students in her room. The males were banned

            campus. Further investigation.


1215 Larceny/Vandalism Helder Lot
Further Investigation

            University officers investigated the attempted theft of a
non-student's new truck's

            drive shaft. The driver said that when he got in it to
leave it would not move and

            that was when he discovered the drive shaft had been removed
and was lying on the

            pavement underneath the truck.


1440 Harassment Village
Further Investigation

            A female student reported harassing instant messages.


1540 Larceny Scott Hall
Further Investigation

            University officers are investigating the destruction and
theft of money of a gum

            ball machine in Scott Hall.



1815 Warrant McKee Bld.

            University police officers served felony warrants on a male

            The warrants were for forgery and uttering of forged
instruments and a misdemeanor

            warrant for a revoked driver's license.


2130 Disturbance New Property

            Officers received a report that a vehicle was being driven
on the field of the

            property recently acquired by the University. When officers
arrived they found

            a car stuck in the mud. The driver, a student, said he was
trying to do

            "doughnuts" in the field when he got stuck. He is referred
to Judicial Affairs.




0026 Suspicious Person Univ. Center

            Officers received a report of a suspicious person in the
University Center.

            Officers were unable to locate the person.


0100 Arson Leatherwood Hall
Further Investigation

            University officers investigated an incident where someone
burned a poster on the

            door to a rest room. The door and a part of the carpet were
also damaged.


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