University Police Reports 1/31/05

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Date: 01/31/05
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0810 Found Bike Village

            A bicycle was turned in to the police department. The owner

            has not claimed it.


1042 Accident McKee Lot

            Officers investigated a minor vehicle accident in the McKee


1115 Overlooked Student Univ. Center Report

            A group visiting the Western Campus reported a student

            Student had gone to the restroom. Bus left. Officers found

            student and reunited everyone.


1200 Larceny HFR Lot
Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of a temporary paper license
tag while her

            car was parked in the HFR lot.


1328 Damage Coulter Lot

            Officers investigated an incident where a vehicle tire
appeared to

            have been intentionally punctured.


1349 Returned Items Dotson Crosswalk Report

            A student found a CAT Card and a debit card on the sidewalk

            and turned them in to an officer directing traffic. The
officer notified

            the owner who retrieved them at the police department.


1430 Possible Accident McKee Lot Report

            Officers received a report from an employee that he may

            have accidentally hit another vehicle in the parking lot.

            The employee could not find any damage to either vehicle.

            A report was filed.


1610 Alarm Child Care Center Report

            A child accidentally pulled an alarm station.




0109 Alarm Reid Gym

            Officers answered a trouble alarm. No problem found.


0035 Fighting Leatherwood Report

            Officers responded to a report of a fight in Leatherwood.

            Two male students were fighting. Referred to Judicial


0400 WCU Student Arrested UNC-Charlotte Report

            UNC-Charlotte officers reported the arrest of a WCU student

            on the UNC-C campus for drug violations.


0820 Alarm/Bulldozer Norton Road Report

            An officer on patrol heard a "back up" alarm going off on a

            heavy equipment vehicle. Attempts to notify the contractors

            were unsuccessful. (At the new dorm site)


2307 Suspicious Person Central Dr. Hall Report

            Officers responded to a suspicious person report. Officers

            were unable to locate the person.




0033 Assist LEA Off Campus

            Officers assisted Jackson County authorities at the

            Peak Apartments regarding a report of fighting.


0050 Medical Emergency Forest Hills Rd. Report

            Officers assisted WCU and WestCare Ems with a female

            student who was having a medical emergency. The student

            was treated and released at Harris Regional Hospital.


0112 Alarm Reid Gym

            Offices responded to an alarm at Reid Gym. No trouble


0140 Alcohol Violations Harrill Lot Arrest

            A male student was charged with DWI and driving under

            21 years of age after consuming. The student was abusive

            the officers. He was placed in the Jackson County Jail

            a $500 secured bond.


0142 Alcohol Incident Buchanan Hall Report

            Officers assisted the WCU EMS with an intoxicated female

            student. The student refused transport and was released by

            the EMS.


0345 Simple Assault Central Dr. Hall Further

            Officers responded to a fight report at Central Dr. Hall.
Due to

            conflicting reports the matter is under further


0630 Towed Vehicles HFR Lot Report

            Three cars were towed from the HFR lot. They were parked in

            spaces which had been barricaded to make room for a crane.

            The barricades had been moved and one barricade destroyed.


1442 Drug Paraphernalia Impound Lot Report

            During an inventory of an impounded car, drug paraphernalia

            was found.


1610 Skateboarding Univ. Center Report

            Three students were referred to Judicial Affairs for

            after officers told them of the policy regarding
skateboarding. After

            officers explained the policy, they were found skateboarding

            violation of the policy.




0039 Marijuana Odor Helder Hall Report

            Officers responded to a report of marijuana odor. Officers

            were unable to pinpoint the location of the odor.


0112 Alarm Reid Gym

            Officers responded to an alarm in Reid Gym. No trouble



0142 Alarm Central Dr. Hall

            Officers responded to a trouble alarm. No trouble located.


0320 Alarm Central Dr. Hall

            Officers responded to a trouble alarm due to work on

            the alarm system.



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