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Cleaning and Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) including reusable cloth face coverings, refillable personal hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be made available to faculty, staff and students for the fall semester. Supplies for faculty and staff will be managed and distributed by building managers. Students will receive their PPE supplies at the beginning of the semester.  In addition to providing PPE supplies to individuals, public hand-sanitizing stations will be available at the entrance to each building and sanitizer refill stations will be placed across campus. 

For Students

Students will be required to wear facial coverings at all times in classrooms and other public work or instructional environments. 

You may be turned away from a classroom, office, service location, and/or event if you fail to meet this requirement.

Residential Students

Residential students (living on-campus) will receive their PPE supplies as part of their Fall 2020 move-in process

Commuter Students

Beginning August 10th, and continuing through end-of-day August 21st, commuter students (those students who live off-campus) will receive their PPE supplies by going to the University Center, third floor, and following signage. PPE distribution in the UC will be open the same hours as the WCU Bookstore.

Students should wear a mask whenever they are in a public space. If a student does not have a mask, a temporary mask will be provided. Students will need their CatCard or their student ID number (92#) to receive their PPE supplies.

Upon receiving their PPE, students will be able to start their rental textbook check-out process. Commuter students must visit this check-out station in the UC before visiting the bookstore to obtain their rental books. Visiting this check-out station puts you in the pickup queue and gives bookstore staff time to prepare your books. After visiting the UC, students will then walk to the bookstore and receive their books by following commuter student signage.

This process has been designed to ensure as many students as possible receive their PPE supplies from WCU. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this new process.

To obtain your PPE and begin your textbook rental check-out process, please visit the University Center during these times:

  • Monday August 10th through Thursday August 13th: 10am – 5pm
  • Friday August 14th through Sunday August 16th: 8am – 8pm
  • Monday August 17th through Friday August 21st: 10am – 5pm

Students at Biltmore Park

Students will receive their PPE supplies at the beginning of the semester.  The supplies will be available for pick-up beginning Monday, August 17th on the first floor for DPT and engineering students, and the third floor for all other students. In addition to providing PPE supplies to individuals, public hand-sanitizing stations will be available near the first and third floor information desks.

For Faculty and Staff

Western Carolina University has developed a plan for providing the campus community with personal protective equipment:

  • WCU intends to provide the campus community with reusable face coverings, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to open the fall 2020 semester.  
  • The university has disposable face coverings, large containers of hand sanitizer and large containers of disinfecting wipes available to those campus departments that desire to have them provided. Please submit any requests for these items to your department head who can then request the supplies through a Facilities Management service request.
  • Departments and programs are free to order face coverings for their own use.

Faculty and staff are expected to wear face coverings at all times in classrooms and other public work or instructional environments. You are not expected to wear a face covering when you are alone or alone in your office or work space.

While the university may supply PPE upon request or due to the nature of your position and/or applicable regulatory requirement(s), you may supply your own face covering. If you do need to request a face covering, please submit that request to your supervisor who will work with their superiors to determine availability and need.

Faculty and Staff at Biltmore Park

PPE supplies for faculty and staff with primary offices at Biltmore Park will be managed and distributed by the operations coordinator. Bags will be left in each faculty and staff office before Monday, August 17th and resupplies will be provided at Biltmore Park throughout the semester.

Resupply of PPE during the Fall Semester

It is our intention to provide an inventory of PPE to allow departments to maintain a 4-6 week supply of departmental-sized hand sanitizer dispensers and canisters of disinfecting wipes at a centralized location. Facilities Management will work with departments to identify contacts who will be authorized to order supplies. Supplies will be stored in the Facilities Management warehouse.

Cleaning Procedures

Facilities Management has implemented new cleaning protocols to meet CDC sanitization guidelines. In accordance with these guidelines, every room on campus has been inventoried and classified by type to determine sanitization needs and the methods necessary to meet these requirements. There are numerous variations of sanitization protocol for the numerous room types, from classrooms to residence hall bathrooms, from athletic training rooms to wet lab space, etc.

Housekeeping staff will be augmented with temporary workers so additional staff can be deployed during the business day to continuously sanitize high-traffic areas. Second shift housekeeping staff will also have additional sanitizing duties each evening. An outsourced service for rapid response COVID-19 sanitization is currently being solicited. We expect to utilize this service for quarantine areas as well as any other area deemed necessary.

The enhanced sanitization plan will go into effect in late July. The room inventory spreadsheet is available for those who would like more information on the cleaning protocols for the various spaces on campus.


Classroom Cleaning Protocols

We are continuing to refine classroom cleaning protocols.

  • Housekeeping staff will use electrostatic spraying to disinfect classrooms, including e-classrooms, each evening. 
  • Housekeeping staff will not be wiping down computers, lecture stations or other equipment. Users should clean lecture stations, microphones, keyboards and computer mice prior to and after each use. 
  • Large canisters of disinfecting wipes will be available in some areas and students will receive disinfecting wipes in their personal protective equipment bags.

Biltmore Park Cleaning Protocol

  • Housekeeping staff will clean each evening, including sanitizing instructor stations, and will use electrostatic spraying to further disinfect classrooms once a week.
  • Housekeeping staff will not wipe down instructor stations, tables, chairs, desks, or other equipment during the day between classes, so users should clean their work areas prior to and after each use. There will be alcohol wipes at the instructor stations to sanitize electronics.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are in every classroom and lab for faculty and students to clean their own workstations.
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