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Campus Dining

Catamount Dining has the daily mission of delivering thousands of quality meals to students, faculty, and staff. With this mission in mind and given the COVID-19 pandemic, dining at WCU currently looks very different than a typical semester. Like most changes related to COVID-19, patience will be required as we work through how service is delivered while meeting applicable recommendations to reduce risk in dining facilities.

Please Note: Spring 2021 residential meal plans will be adjusted for students affected by the delayed move-in.

Students with the Unlimited or Unlimited Premium plans will receive a prorated credit on their student account for the missed number of service days at the beginning of the semester. Students with the Block 150 plan will receive a prorated credit and have their meal swipes reduced to 124 meals to reflect the discounted rate. 

These prorations and adjustments will not be granted to any student that moves in, or uses their meal plan, before Feb 6, 2021. Declining Balance will remain unaltered. 

Commuter plans remain optional and may be used as Catamount Dining facilities open for the semester. 

Some of the changes you will see on campus include:

  • All dining locations will serve to-go meals only, with limited seating available in most locations;
  • Dining halls will operate in special configurations to serve guests quickly while preserving a wide range of dining choices each meal;
  • Most retail locations will open with specialty menus that focus on the most popular and fastest-to-produce items;
  • Technology has been deployed to help manage orders and lines; and
  • The Catamount Eats food truck will be located on Killian Lane and will accept exchange meals, providing another option for students with classes on the north side of campus.

You should expect these, and other changes, to be a part of the Spring 2021 semester. As the semester progresses, it is our goal to continually assess operations, adapt to our regional conditions and provide the highest possible level of service, quality, and choice for our campus community.

Courtyard First Floor Traffic Pattern

Courtyard Second Floor Traffic Pattern

Brown Dining Hall Traffic Pattern

Frequently Asked Questions

Students that are on campus prior to February 6, 2021, and commuter students, will have access to the Brown Dining Hall, Brown Starbucks, Freshens, the Courtyard C-Store, and the Catamount Eats Food Truck beginning on 1/16/2021. For all future openings, please visit Catamount Dining at

Consistent with COVID-19 prevention practices, Dining Halls will operate in special configurations to serve guests quickly while preserving a wide range of choices each meal. To help guests avoid as many contact surfaces as possible, all locations will be full-service only and utilize disposable to-go containers.

  • Courtyard Dining will have a main service line with individual service lines for students to follow once they enter upstairs. These lines are designed to give students a large amount of choice while maintaining appropriate social distancing. Seating will be very limited and may not be available. After receiving their food, students will exit through the side doors upstairs, as marked by signage. Additional seating will be provided in the Blue Ridge Residence Hall conference space.
  • The Lodge at Brown will allow students to enter the servery in a one-way configuration, with dining staff providing a full-service to-go experience. The dining room next to the beverage stations will have its seating closed. Seating will be limited. Some available seating (large circular tables) will have partitions to provide distancing for guests. Other seating will be limited based on available configurations.

Catamount Dining is following CDC recommendations to minimize risk to students. As such, retail options will be opening with specialized menus focused on minimizing wait times with to-go options. These menus are being provided and approved by brand partners. Some items and combinations may not be available.

Catamount Dining is making as much seating available as possible within dining facilities. Outdoor seating and other community spaces will also be available. As always, your residence hall room is also a dining location.  Temporary dining space may be made available as Spring 2021 space management decisions are finalized. With the amount of to-go meals being served by Catamount Dining, we ask that all students be mindful of their trash. Please help us keep our campus beautiful and dispose of your waste responsibly. In some cases, this may mean carrying your trash until you find an appropriate waste container.

Students should be prepared for a very different experience. Catamount Dining will continually assess operations, adapting to our regional conditions to provide the highest possible level of service, quality, and choice for our campus community. Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission will take priority over other factors. We appreciate your patience and support as we work to keep our facilities as safe as possible. Mitigating COVID-19 is a community effort; your cooperation will help protect the well-being of faculty, supporting staff, and fellow students.

If there is an immediate service issue, students should always feel free to speak to a Catamount Dining manager. Managers can often solve issues then-and-there, and your feedback is discussed at weekly meetings with other team members.

If you would like to become more involved, Catamount Dining has monthly meetings with students during the semester that are open to the public. These meetings help shape the future of dining at WCU. Contact us via if you are interested.

Finally, students can provide feedback using This feedback is monitored and is a great way to give a “kudos” to a Catamount Dining team member.

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