Photo Rights & Reproductions

Rights and Reproductions

Due to copyright restrictions, photography of Fine Art Museum temporary loan exhibitions is not permitted.

Still photography and digital capture of objects in the permanent collection, taken in existing light with a hand-held camera, is permitted for personal, non-commercial use only.

The use of tripods, flashes, and video cameras is prohibited. Photography is not permitted in galleries containing special exhibitions. Photographs taken in the museum may not be sold, reproduced or distributed without written permission from the museum.

Requests for Reproduction

Requests for reproduction of objects and images from FAM's Collections and the right to reproduce those images must be made in writing to the Curatorial Specialist.

Permission for rights and reproduction for advertising, promotional materials, commercial product or for television/films/filmstrips or multi-media formats will be given on a case by case basis according to use, quantity, and distribution.

Western faculty, staff, and students are exempt from rights and reproduction fees for non-commercial use.

FAM's Collections staff will provide photographic services or will contract an outside photographer on a work-for-hire basis. All photographs of Collection objects are the property of the FAM and Western. Permission to photograph Collection objects will be given to individuals for research (non-publishable) photography and in special instances when the FAM might not be able to provide this service with its own staff. In such instances, photography is to be supervised by FAM's Collections staff. Objects/works of art may only be handled by the FAM's Collections staff. Any damage or loss to the objects themselves, the buildings, facilities, personnel, visitors, and/or equipment, that is caused or attributable to the photography project or filming, is the responsibility of the applicant, who will be required by separate agreement to indemnify FAM and Western.

Standard Fee: $50.00 right and reproduction fee - one time per object image. Fees may vary depending on use and quantity.

To request Rights and Reproductions:

The Fine Art Museum