Tuscola on the route

Motoring through the Mountains - 1930s: Tuscola

Haywood County
Altitude: 2,594 feet

Programs of the 1931, 1932, and 1933 Junaluskan

As represented by these programs, the Lake Junaluska Methodist Church Assembly offered its guests a wide variety of educational and recreational opportunities in the early 1930s. The 1932 program of The Junaluskan described trips available to the new Great Smoky Mountains National Park and noted that,

“The above trip can be made with the Red Top Tours Company in their 12-passenger roll-top Deluxe Packard bus. This bus was especially constructed for mountain sight-seeing tours – operated on regular schedule, and special tours upon request.”

The 1933 program listed not only railroad service to Lake Junaluska but also the bus schedule to and from Asheville. Buses ran three times a day to and from Lake Junaluska, with the time to Asheville taking an hour.

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