Murphy on the route

Motoring through the Mountains - 1930s: Murphy

Cherokee County
Altitude: 1,634 feet

After a fire destroyed the Cherokee County Courthouse in 1926, construction began on a new Courthouse that would incorporate locally produced Regal blue marble throughout the building. The impressive cupola rose dramatically above the county seat of Murphy. The new structure was dedicated on November 12, 1927, as seen in this front page announcement in the Cherokee Scout newspaper from its November 18 issue.

A summation of Murphy’s location appeared in the Asheville Citizen, in its December 15, 1933, edition in an article entitled “Murphy – The End of Main Street.” The article’s title referred to what was then known as North Carolina Highway 10, a major highway running across the length of the state from the coast to the mountains. N.C. Highway 10 was known as North Carolina’s “Main Street.” The article also featured prominently a picture of the new Cherokee County Courthouse.

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