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Kephart album pages 46 and 47.

Kephart album pages 46 and 47.  CLick for larger image.

Page 46

Upper blue line photograph: "Jack Colburn on Old Button"

Lower left photograph: "Jack and Button"

Lower right photograph: [Unidentified]


Page 47 - Great Smoky Mountains

Upper left photograph: "Mrs. Dave Davis (nee Gintsey Bird)"

Upper right photograph: "Bob's Father 'gritting' corn"

Lower left photograph: "Molly and Mrs. Bob."

Lower right photograph: "'Long Goody' (Martha Gaines, 6ft., 3 in.)"

Notes: The lower right photograph on page 46 is undentified in the album. However, this appears to be one of a number of photographs of people posed by Dave Brown's House as seen beginning on page 3. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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