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Kephart album pages 38 and 39

Kephart album pages 38 and 39.  Click for larger image.

Page 38

"From the Summit (None of these pictures give any idea of the vast outlook, nor the steep descents into the valleys)"

Upper blue line photograph

Lower blue line photograph


Page 39 - Great Smoky Mountains

Upper left photograph: "Hall Cabin, through gathering cloud"

Upper right photograph: "Mill-race"

Middle left photograph: "My Father at Gold Buckhannon's Mill"

Middle right photograph: "Summit"

Lower left photograph: "The Mountains in Winter (from right above my Cabin)"

Lower middle photograph: "Summit at Twilight"

Lower right photograph: "Summit"

Notes: Horace Kephart's father was Isaiah Kephart. The surname "Buckhannon" is more frequently spelled "Buchannon." Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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