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Kephart album pages 24 and 25.  Click for larger image.

Page 24

Timber clippings

Lower right photograph: "Clingman Dome (6,619ft.) from the summit of Siler's Bald (5,594ft.) Jan., 1905"


Page 25 - Great Smoky Mountains

Upper left photograph: "Hall Cabin (The bear standing is not propped, but was frozen solid while hung from cabin.)"

Middle left photograph: "'Toting in' a Bear"

Middle right photograph: "The Devil's Court-house (stunted rhododendron)"

Lower left photograph: "Homeward-bound from Bea[r hunting]"

Notes: For page 25: End of caption of lower right photograph is missing with corner of page. It is unclear if there originally were photographs in the upper right and lower left positions of the page. There are no captions for photographs. However, cuts in the paper and possible adhesive remnants suggest the possibility of additional photographs once included in this page. The upper left photograph is missing or not identified. Photograph "'Toting in' a Bear" does not have a notation for where on the page it was originally placed. Location here based on matching caption. The 1921 edition of Our Southern Highlanders includes two photographs that appear to be related to subjects on page 25. These are: "Skinning a Frozen Bear" on page 97 and "...Powerful, steep and Laurely..." on page 104. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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