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Kephart album page 1.  Click for larger image.


Kephart's copies of USGS topographical maps covering the Hazel Creek and Eagle Creek watershed. Kephart has added corrections.

Page 1 - Tuckaseegee River

Upper left photograph: "Camp Toco - Dak-wáw-i (fish-monster place) - near Dick Creek (Here I lived alone Aug. 7 to Oct. 28, 1904)"

"For the legend of the Toco or Dak-wáw-i , localized here, see Mooney's 'Myths of the Cherokee.'"

Upper right photograph: "The Tuckaseegee immediately in front of Camp."

Middle left photograph: "Camp"

Middle right photograph: "Pantry Tent"

Lower left photograph: "Visitors"

Lower right: "Cooking"

Notes: The lower right photograph on page 1 is not included with the album photographs. The photograph shown here is number 181 from the loose photographs. It is included since it does match the caption and has the number "1" penciled on the back of the photograph. The captions on page 1 have been erased and rewritten. The original captions appear to have been numbered. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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