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Online Exhibit: Outdoor Life: Hunting

Hunting photograph showing a man holding a dead bird.

From Camping and Woodcraft, volume 2, page 180:

Hunters' Maxims. - This is not an essay on hunting, but in trying to give an idea of how marksmanship in the woods differs from marksmanship on the range, it may help a beginner to understand just what is meant if I state certain maxims of the still-hunters' craft:

  1. Hunt one kind of animal at a time, and think of it.
  2. Know its strong points and its weak ones.
  3. Know where to hunt it and where not to.
  4. Choose favorable ground.
  5. Consider the animal's daily habits.
  6. Know just what to look for.
  7. Maneuver according to a definite plan.
  8. Work against the wind, or across it.
  9. Move noiselessly and reconnoiter carefully.
  10. Try to see the game before it sees you.
  11. Keep cool.
  12. Never fire at anything until you are absolutely certain it is not a human being.
  13. Never fire a shot that is not the best you can possibly do.
  14. After firing, reload instantly.
  15. If you wound an animal, don't follow immediately upon its track, unless you are sure it is shot through the heart.
  16. Be patient over ill-luck, and keep on trying.
Kephart holding luger.
Collage of racoon hunting, bear hunting and hide scales.

Kephart maintained an avid appreciation for hunting and associated skills of marksmanship. In addition to including the topic in many publications, Kephart's personal album includes a multitude of photographs from various hunting trips. The wide range of hunting depicted includes photographs of birds, snakes, bears, and cutting three racoons out of a tree. As always, the tools and equipment for hunting held an equal passion with the adventure. His expertise on guns and marksmanship was incorporated into several articles and a serialized detective story "The Trail of a Bullet." Kephart had hoped to publish a book on the subject and developed a bullet mold. His role as an equipment designer also included the Kephart Sheath Knife. This knife could be used in a variety of utilitarian roles in hunting and other outdoor activities.

Kephart sheath knife and advertisement.
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