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Mapping notebook front cover.

"My rough sketches were made in a vest-pocket memorandum book that was quadrille ruled. Mere lines showed the road, trail, creek, and branches...."

- Camping and Woodcraft, Volume 2, page 82.

In time, Kephart focused his mapping hobby to the Eagle Creek and Hazel Creek watersheds in Swain County, North Carolina. He dedicated this Cross Section notebook to the area and created a key at the beginning of the notebook. Each number represents the page that the specific map section is found. There is a pair of blank pages between every pair of map sections. These sections were transcribed onto larger quadrille ruled map sections. These larger maps are housed with Kephart's other maps at Special Collections, Hunter Library.

In his writings, Kephart frequently discusses many of the people and places shown in these map sections.

Mapping notebook map key.

Mapping notebook pages 21 and 22.

Mapping notebook pages 35 and 36.

Mapping notebook pages 37 and 38.

Mapping notebook pages 55 and 56.

Mapping notebook pages 59 and 60.
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