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Online Exhibit: Appalachian People: Mountain Families

Mountain Families - Jeff and Joe Robinson Families.
W. E. Gates Family.Gates Children.

W. E. Gates Family


Sunday afternoons presented an ideal time to photograph families as they were already dressed up for church, as the above photograph of the Jeff and Joe Robinson families shows. Here the family displays a strong sense of fashion, particularly in ladies hat styles. In preparation for his writings, Kephart began photographing the people of western North Carolina soon after his arrival at Dicks Creek. His interests in families as a photography subject continued as he moved to Medlin and later to Bryson City in Swain County, North Carolina.

Additional family photographs can be viewed as part of the Horace Kephart photo album or by searching the image database by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Granville Calhoun Family.

Granville Calhoun Family


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