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Online Exhibit: Cooking and Food Preparation: Kephart's Kitchen

Photogrpahs of Kephart Cooking

Meat GrinderWhile living in western North Carolina, Kephart rarely had a kitchen in the conventional sense. More frequently Kephart cooked in a specified area of his encampment. Boy Scouts continue this tradition in naming their cooking areas "kitchens" when camping. At times when Kephart stayed in small abandoned cabins, his cooking area was located near the fireplace.

No matter where Kephart found himself cooking, he practiced his habit of maintaining a specific place for every item, a specific system for every activity, and a distinct purpose for every detail.

Cooking related artifacts from the Mountain Heritage Center's Kephart Collection include a meat grinder, camping mess kit and canteen, wooden utensils, and a reflector oven for baking by a fire.

Mess Kit
Reflector Oven
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