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Kephart Album pages 60 and 61.

Kephart album pages 60 and 61.  Click for larger image.

Page 60

Clippings from Senate Document 84.

Upper left image: "Newly cleared mountain field planted in corn, rapidly washing away."

Upper right image: "Land erosion on the cleared clopes of the southern appalachians."

Middle left image: "Recently cleared field impoverished and abandoned."

Middle right image: "Flood destruction of an Appalachian Mountain Valley."

Lower image: "Protection against erosion by parallel ditches."

Page 61

Clippings from Senate Document 84.

Upper left image: "Erosion checked by brush dams, Walnutrun, N.C."

Upper right image: "Valley lands badly washed by floods."

Middle right image: "Valley lands ruined by recent floods and abandoned."

Lower left image: "Erosion checked by covering gulleys with brush, Longcreek, VA."

Lower right image: "'Bald' of Big Yellow Mountain, Mitchell County, N.C."

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