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Kephart album pages 12 and 13.  Click for larger image.

Page 12

Kephart's copies of USGS topographical maps covering portions of the Great Smoky Mountains. Includes handwritten notations of Hall Cabin and Medlin as well as Kephart's corrections to the original map.


Page 13 - Great Smoky Mountains

Top photograph: "Medlin, N.C. Blockhouse (cloud-capped) in the distance"

Middle photograph: "Granville Calhoun & Family"

Lower left photograph: "Calhoun's Store"

Lower right photograph: "(same) Bear skins and summer sled"

Notes: Page 13 contains six erased captions that were originally numbered. This suggests the page once had six photographs instead of four and was later changed by Kephart. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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