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Kephart album pages 10 and 11. Click for larger image.

Page 10

Upper image: Plate 60, "The Narrows of the Little Tennessee River Emerging from the Smoky Mountains," clipped from Senate Document Number 84.

Lower left photograph: "Cooking Supper"

Lower right photograph: "Addio! Sunday, Oct. 30, 1904."

Page 11 - Annual Association of the Eastern Band of Cherokees, Birdtown on Ocona Lufty, Oct. 3, 1904.

Upper left photograph: "30. Indian Meeting Place"

Upper right photograph: "31. Indian Nabob"

Middle left photograph: [32. Cherokee Women coming to church.]

Middle right photograph "33. Listening to the Word"

Lower left photograph: "34. Indian School Girls"

Lower right photograph: [35. Unreadable caption]

Notes: Photographs for page 11 did not include notes specifying where on the page they originally were located. Placement here is based on the captions. These captions have been erased. A digital copy was enhanced to facilitate transcription of the erased captions. However, the lower right caption still cannot be read. The caption for photograph 32 has been edited in transcription. See full image of page to view original caption. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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