The People:
Julia Taylor

Julia Ann Ned Taylor (1902-1991), a member of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, was known for making ribbed white oak baskets. Born in 1902, she learned to make baskets in 1914 when she was 12 years old. Like many traditional Cherokee basket weavers, she learned the craft from her mother. Throughout her life, Taylor made white oak baskets, a craft common in the Appalachian mountains among Cherokee and whites alike. A hard wood, white oak was abundant in the region and baskets made from it were strong. For many years Julia Taylor and two of her daughters, Rachel and Dolly, made baskets as a team. Her other two daughters, Pauline and Sally, made baskets as well. In 1970 the Indian Arts and Crafts Board organized a solo show of Julia Taylor’s work at the Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual artisan cooperative. A 1978 exhibit featured baskets made by the entire Taylor family.

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