Band Saw A power saw employing a continuous loop of toothed metal band.
Burl A dome-shaped growth on the trunk of a tree.
Hardwood Wood from deciduous trees (trees that shed their foliage annually).
Holtzapffel Lathe A traditional woodturning machine with carving attachments powered by the lathe instead of by hand; used ornamental or decorative work.
Jig Saw A narrow saw mounted vertically in a frame for cutting curves or other difficult lines.
Laminated Composed of layers bonded together for strength, thickness or decoration.
Marquetry Decorative patterns formed when thin layers of wood (and sometimes other materials such as ivory) are inlaid into the surface, usually of furniture.
Mortise A notch, hole, groove or slot made in a piece of wood to receive a tenon of the same dimensions.
Natural Edge Rim of a vessel that is not altered or refined, revealing the “natural” quality of the tree.
Quarter-Sawn Technique of sawing a log into quarters-radially-to enhance the appearance of the grain.
Router A machine with a vertical, drill-like cutter for cutting designs into wood or for decoratively edging it.
Spalted Naturally decayed wood with distinctive markings; used for its decorative effect.
Tenon A projection on the end of a piece of wood.
Turned Wood shaped by tools while it revolves about a fixed axis, such as a lathe. Cylindrical forms (dowels, rungs) and circular designs are made in this way.

- This glossary was developed by the Southern Highland Craft Guild and is used with permission