Weaving Pattern:
Nine Snowballs and Table

Nine Snowballs and Table weaving pattern
Nine Snowballs and Table weaving example

The pattern name of this color image is Nine Snowballs and Table. The name describes the motifs that make up the design of nine snowballs, sometimes called roses or dogtracks, alternating with a Table. A Table is a large square or rectangle motif in a pattern. This coverlet fragment, made by an unidentified weaver, was collected in Haywood County, North Carolina, where it was probably made during the 1800s. The warp is of natural cotton sett at forty ends per inch. The indigo dyed blue weft pattern threads appear to be single-ply handspun wool. One edge is turned and finished while the other fragment edges are somewhat frayed. There are several warp threading errors as well as one group of twelve snowballs that indicates a counting or treadling mistake.

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