Weaving Pattern:
Lover's Knot 1

Lover's Knot 1 weaving pattern
Lover's Knot 1 weaving example

The pattern name of this blue and white fragment is known as Lover's Knot. The source of the name Lover's Knot is unknown. Originally part of a full-size bedcover, this coverlet fragment was made between 1840 and 1890 by Pheniah Rogers Brown (1818-1892) of Jackson County, North Carolina. The warp is a single-ply natural cotton sett at forty ends per inch. The pattern weft is indigo dyed single-ply wool also sett at forty ends per inch. The Rogers and Brown families were well-known and active community participants in Jackson County in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A son of Pheniah Rogers Brown, R. Hamilton Brown, was a member of the first board of trustees of Western Carolina University, founded in 1889, in Cullowhee, NC According to Frances Brown, a great-granddaughter of the maker, the coverlet was used as a family blanket for many years and then divided into four pieces for use as curtains. Frances Brown saved this section and later had it framed.

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