Weaving Pattern:
Double Bow Knot

Double Bow Knot weaving pattern
Double Bow Knot weaving example

This black and white image features the weave pattern Double Bow Knot. The Double Bow Knot pattern derives its name from the half bows that join in the middle forming a square-shaped knot. Bow knot patterns can be created in a multitude of sizes. The photograph, probably taken in the early 1900s, is an image of the gift Frances Louisa Goodrich (1856-1944), founder of Allanstand Cottage Industries, credited with inspiring her to revive weaving and other crafts in western North Carolina. The coverlet was reportedly made in the 1850s by an unidentified weaver. It was presented to Goodrich by Mrs. William Davis of Brittain's Cove, North Carolina in the mid-1890s. This coverlet was donated to the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild, along with the rest of Goodrich's craft collection. A note on the back reads: "This is the 70 year old coverlet - Double Bow Knot - the gift that started the Allanstand Cottage Industries."

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