Weaving Pattern:
Betty Teague

Betty Teague weaving pattern
Betty Teague weaving example

This color image is a close-up of a weave pattern known as Betty Teague. The front of the photograph also is hand marked "Betty Teague". Frances Goodrich, founder of Allanstand Cottage Industries, collected the photograph. Goodrich's notes indicate that the draft for this pattern was given to her by Helen Teague of Marshall, North Carolina, whose relative may have created the design. In "The Book of Handwoven Coverlets, " published in 1912 by Eliza Calvert Hall (1856-1935), this identical image identifies the weaver of this "pillow top from the Allanstand Cottage Industries, Asheville, N.C." as "Mrs. Cumi Woody, NC."Goodrich's work reviving traditional weaving in the mountains of western North Carolina during the late 1890s and early 1900s led her to collect weaving patterns much in the same way that others of that era were collecting mountain songs. Goodrich kept extensive records of the weave patterns and variations that she came across in her travels. Her research may have provided background for or influenced what was woven and sold through her Allanstand Cottage Industries.

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