About the Project:

The Hunter Library approached its first multi-institutional digital initiative as a true collaboration. The multi-year collaboration brings together North Carolina institutions that have collections pertaining to the historic Craft Revival.

Western Carolina University's Hunter Library provides the research and writing that informs the online Craft Revival story. The library staffs the Craft Revival project and administers its budget. Hunter Library assumes responsibility for maintaining the website and database and for making it available to the public via the web. The library receives items from seven Partners and uploads them into a database that forms this project's digital collections. The seven regional Partners representing western North Carolina and the Craft Revival story, include:

Each Partner contributes documents, photographs, and objects selected from their collections. While their collections are of measured value to their home institutions, new connections and ideas are emerging from comparisons across institutional lines. The project continues to identify, document, digitize, and organize Partners' primary source materials into an online resource to provide access to historic records and visual images. Selected items are uploaded into an online database and coded to enhance searchability. The online archive provides the visitor with a firsthand look at period documents, vintage photographs, and images of craft objects, A web-based story interprets this material and provides context for a deeper understanding.

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