Cherokee Phoenix


Published August, 3, 1833

Page 3 Column 4b




We have been somewhat indifferent to give credence to rumors that have been current in this place, of the association of Gov. Lumpkin, with a company of speculators who have been engrossing on speculation, the Cherokee lands, drawn for in the land lottery of Georgia. But on a proper enquiry of the sources from which this charge has emanated, it is sufficient authority for us to state, that our incredulity have to give place to a correct foundation of the fact-that his Excellency has been engaged with a company for buying up Cherokee lands. It may be proper to know the manner in which his Excellency has been acting. A rival purchaser applied to him for a grant to a lot of land that was incumbered with an Indian's improvement, which he peremptorily refused to give. But so soon as one of his company bargained for the same lot, the seal and grant of the Commander of the Georgia Navy was immediately delivered. It is to be presumed that scrip money from Uncle Sam, is the ostensible object; and it is on the other hand painful to see the President of the United States using such tools as Gov. Lumpkin, to distress the Cherokees.