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Published January, 26, 1833

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From the Auburn Free Press


1609 Thirty of the Virginia colonists killed by the Indians

21 Massacre of 317 Virginians by the Indians.

37 The Pequod Indians in Connecticut subdued by Capt. Mason.

Mystic , their fort, composed of 70 Wigwams, was burnt with many women and children, and 500 or 600 Indians killed.

42 War with the Indians in Maryland. This war was caused by Clayborne, and lasted several years, bringing much

distress upon the inhabitants.

43 War between the Indians and Dutch in New York. Indians subdued, 1646.

46 A severe battle was fought at Horseneck, now Greenwich, Ct.-1646, in which the Dutch were victorious, though on both sides great numbers were slain.

51 Civil war in Virginia.-Berkley Governor of Virginia, sub-

dued by Royal troops.

Civil war in Maryland, between the Catholics and Protestants.--Catholics submit.

55 The Swedes on the Delaware are conquered by the Dutch.

73 The Dutch take New York-Restored to the English 1674

75 King Philip's War Begins-Lasts till 1676

Seventy young men slain by the Indians at Bloody Brook near Deerfield. Capt. Mosely attacks the Indians, kills 96, wounds 40, losing but two men.

Thirty-two houses in Springfield, burnt by the Indians, October.

Great depredation committed in New Hampshire and Maine, by the Taranteens.

Capt. Hutchenson, with 16 men, slain by the Nipmucks.

Brookfield burnt by the Indians.

The Narragansetts defeated and their Fort burnt, Dec. 19. Loss English 280 Indians 2000. This battle lasted 3 hours. 1000 Indian warriors were killed, several hundred made prisoners, and 600 Wigwams burnt, many perishing in the flames.

76 Capt. Pierce with 50 men was slain by the Indians, March.

In April, Capt. Wadsworth and 50 more, met the same fate.

Philip is finally defeated and slain at Mount Hope, August 12.

Bacon's rebellion in Virginia creates great disorder. Bacon dies.

The English meet with great success in the war with the Indians.

78 Peace concluded with the Indians throughout the New England colonies.

During this war with the Indians, N. England lost 600 men, the flower of her strength; twelve or thirteen towns were destroyed, and 600 dwelling houses consumed. Every eleventh family was houseless and every eleventh soldier had sunk to his grave.

89 King William's war begins-lasts till 1697.

Montreal is destroyed by the Five Nations, and 1000 persons massacred.

New Hampshire suffers much from Indian barbarity.

Dover [N.H.] is attacked by the Indians, 23 persons killed, and 29 carried captive to Canada.

90 Schenectady [N.Y.] burnt by the French and Indians, February 8th, -60 persons killed and 30 taken prisoners. The destruction of Schenectady was marked with the horrid barbarity.

Solmon Falls [N.H.] burnt by the French and Indians, March 17, - 30 persons killed, and 54 made prisoners.

Casco, in Maine, also destroyed, and 100 killed and captured.

Several other excursions were made into the eastern parts by the French and Indians, in which many people were killed and some buildings burnt.

Nova Scotia is taken by a fleet under Sir William Phipps, May.

Expedition against Canada by New England, in October. Unsuccessful.

91 Maj. Schuyler attacks the French near Lake Champlain, and kills near 800 men.

94 A settlement on Oyster River [N.H.] is destroyed by the enemy.-Several other places burnt, and many of the inhabitants carried into captivity.

97 Peace of Ryswick, which established peace between the French and English colonies.

1702 Queen Ann's War begins-Lasts till 1713.

Expedition of Gov. Moore against Florida. Unsuccessful.

3 Gov. Moore subdues the Appalachian Indians in S. C.

4.Deerfield, in Massachusetts, burnt by the French and Indians, February 29- 47 persons killed, and 112 carried captive to Canada.

3 Benjamin Church, with 500 men, destroyed several towns on the Penobscot and St. Croix Rivers, and took many of the enemy prisoners.

The English capture the Seine, a large store ship belonging to the French, whose cargo was estimated at nearly a million of lives.

During the two or three years following, the French and Indians in small parties continued to hover about the frontiers of New England, burning, scalping and taking prisoners.

6 A French and Spanish fleet is repulsed from Charleston, S. C. with a loss of 300.

7 Expedition against Nova Scotia by New England-failed.

8 Haverhill on the Merrimack, plundered and burnt-40 killed and many taken prisoners.

10 Port Royal in Nova Scotia, taken by Col. Nicholson.

11 Expedition against Canada,[commanded by Nicholson and Walker]- failed.

Nine Englishman transports, engaged in this expedition, were wrecked, and 1000 lives lost.

12 Many places along the frontiers of New England plundered by the enemy, and great numbers of the inhabitants massacred by the Indians. One hundred and thirty seven of the inhabitants of North Carolina are surprised and massacred by the Tuscaroras, but they are soon subdued by Col. Barnwell, with a loss of 3000 killed and 1000 prisoners.

13 PEACE OF UTRECHT, which established peace between the French and English colonies.

It has been computed that during the two preceding wars, in the Colonies of New England and New York, as many as 8000 young men fell by the sword of the enemy, while defending the land of their fathers.

15 War with the Yamasee Indians in South Carolina.

A secret combination was formed of all the tribes from Florida to Cape Fear. They fell suddenly upon the inhabitants of Port Royal, and in a few hours massacred 90 persons, then hurried in parties towards Charleston. Gov. Cravan, at the head of only 1200 men marched against them, and after an obstinate battle totally defeated them, at a place called the Salt Catchers.

It was computed that the force of the Indians exceeded 600 fighting men.

Four hundred of the Carolinians were slain in this short war.

22 War commenced against New England by the Indians-Lasts three years.

The Indians ravage the Northern Frontiers, doing much damage.

26 Peace concluded with the Indians at Falmouth, Maine.

36 Canada sends a large party against the Chickasaws in Tennessee, but they are defeated, 60 being slain, and all the rest being tortured and burnt to death.

39 War declared against Spain, October 23, and France and Spain, March 31, 1744.

40 Oglethorpe's invasion of Florida-Unsuccessful.

Expedition, [part from Canada, and part from New Orleans] sent against the Chickasaws, who sue for peace, which is granted.

42 A Spanish fleet is sent from Havana against Georgia.- Unsuccessful.

44 Old French war begins-Lasts till 1748