Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 24, 1832

Page 3 Column 2a


From the Journal of Commerce we make the following extract from the Report of the American Board of Missions:

'A memorial to the President of the United States was prepared by counsel for the prisoners in their behalf, praying him to interpose his authority for enforcing the decision of the Supreme Court. But after consultation it was deemed inexpedient to present it in the present stage of the case. It was also after consolation with the friends of the Board and of the Indians in Congress, deemed inexpedient to petition that body on the subject during their last session.'

Now, why did they not apply to the President to interpose? We are told explicitly that 'after consultation it was deemed inexpedient' to present the memorial `in the present stage of the case.' Nor would they make any application to Congress upon the subject. The reason for this is obvious. The Board of American Missions, upon consultation with the counsel of the prisoners, ascertained that it was a case still pending, and within the cognizance of the Courts, and that the President could not, without violating the rights of the Court, and alter the principles of the situation `interpose his authority for enforcing the decision of the Court.' And they furthermore ascertained from their counsel that for the same reason both branches of Congress, united with the Executive, could not interfere with a question pending between the Courts.

Upon what pretence does Mr. Clay in person, as well as the opposite prints, beginning with the Bank Gazette charge the President with failing in his duty to the Missionaries, when even their own counsel declare that he could not properly be asked to interpose in their behalf? The whole system on which the unprincipled partisans of the Bank and Mr. Clay act is a tissue of deception. They know that the President cannot rightfully move in this business, and yet they pretend he can. They know that the Board of Missions have expressly declined addressing a memorial to the President; and, yet, the scrupulous, high minded opposition have actually FORGED and published a letter signed with the name of the President responding to this call which the Board of Missions declare was never made on him. Globe.